Combining CBD and Blockchain

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Cannabis and Blockchain often fall victim by propaganda, and what some may call ‘fake news’. This is most probably due to the fact that the benefits of the two are not spoken enough of. So, what is so good about combining CBD Oil and Blockchain? And how can CBD companies benefit from using Blockchain in their business.

The potential of both cannabis and Blockchain combined is unimaginable, and offers huge potential for cannabis startups looking to integrate new methods into their business with evolving technology used worldwide.

With the recognition of the benefits of CBD, and legalisation happening faster than ever before - you’re bound to wonder what cannabis companies are doing to ensure steady growth, and revolutionise the way people view cannabis and blockchain.

Blockchain technology allows everyday processes to be made easier, safer, and faster than ever before. You may have heard that Cannabis startups often struggle with normal methods that most businesses use, such as payment systems such as ‘cash only’ rules, due to strict laws and regulations surrounding the cannabis marketplace.

The truth is; Blockchain technology is not spoken enough of, and cannabis companies are missing huge opportunities to flourish, simply by using new methods.  From managing quality of seeds, water, and fertilizer, to validating store patient IDs, registers, doctors certificates and other relevant documentation - Blockchain can be used to manage a whole range of business

Blockchain will help cannabis companies to expand, and revolutionise their methods in order to create a easier, faster, and safer system for both the provider and the consumer. And with the recognition of the benefits of combining CBD and Blockchain, multiple cannabis companies are moving over to Blockchain, to ensure privacy, security, and transparency in their business.

There are an uncountable amount of ways that Blockchain technology can be integrated, and used in the cannabis industry. For example, with new THC and CBD validation methods, Blockchain allows the creation of a transparent ledger, therefore new products will be able to undergo extensive testing to create the best product possible.

With the number of cannabis companies integrating Blockchain into their business, it’s no wonder the cannabis industry is growing at such a fast pace. Transforming from a niche marketplace, to a constantly evolving, worldwide industry.