Hold Your Coins Tight STRONGHANDS

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This project has gone through many moments, but its contribution to the strengthening of other projects is immeasurable.

I remember well when it was announced that STRONGHANDS would sponsor some athletes. It was amazing this period.

The most amazing marriage of this project is with Bitcoin and Dogecoin, I remember that I was trading in the Tradesatoshi trade, and had good returns with this project.

But I was extremely upset with exchangeTradesatoshi for not supporting Swap and unfortunately, it happened that the project was unlisted. Exchanges are so expensive to list and do not include emergency support swap in their service package.

You may think the POS time is long, but if you invest in 12500k per day for 30 days and leaving for POS is a very good long term strategy, as the maximum period is very interesting.

The community is made up of legendary investors, miners, programming students from around the world, whales and novice investors.

STRONGHANDS is not a project for those who do not know how to strategize, if you have no patience, this project is not for you!

Whenever you get into the project, stay close to all media and communities. Many people were unfair to the developers because they didn’t keep up with Swap updates.

In the Crypto environment, no one comes to your house to warn you that a Swap will occur on a particular day and time, and your personal issues are not in the community’s interest. Even if you fell into a coma in February 2018 and woke up yesterday.

If you do not affect your long term budget, invest 0.0145 BTC and follow the rules on the STRONGHANDS project website and stay tuned.

Community: 10
Wallet: 10
Listing: 08
Initial Investment: 10
Usability: 08
Leader Presence: 10
Whitepaper: 08

Help us if you have some STRONGHANDS help us reach 950k

Our Wallet:  SeYfxE9KZ6JGrUFRCQKKBfM3uj2arVCug6

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