How To Promote Your ICO

Written By CoinGawk

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It’s always great to have a straightforward ICO marketing strategy. But in this constantly evolving industry, it’s not always as simple as we may have thought it to be. Getting recognition in such a competitive industry can be extremely difficult. With the number of ICOs growing faster than you can say ‘blockchain’, it can often seem impossible to stay one step ahead, in your goal of achieving a successful ICO token sale.

We’re going to cover a few helpful ICO promotion tips, without diving into the complete unexplored sea of blockchain.

List your ICO

Getting your ICO listed on a token calendar is the ultimate way to increase your ICO exposure. With free, and featured listing packages – what better way to promote your ICO than to put your ICO in the spotlight, and have it pumped through social media channels, email marketing, and blog posts, by a leading token sale platform?

Exchange listings

How to get listed on a crypto exchange? Get your exchange listings ready early and reach out to all the major platforms in the market, ideally through 3rd party providers. There direct contacts and deal making abilities will see you listed in the fastest time for the cheapest costs and ensure the process is as smooth as possible, including preparation and delivery of assets.

Liven up your pitch

Of course, your tokenomics are the prime focus when it comes to your ICO, and we know having a nice website, a great tokenbrand as well as using exciting words is absolutely essential. But, diving to the depths of detail could potentially play a huge role in the outcome of your ICO, particularly when it comes to ICO Funds and VC’s. A prime example is your whitepaper – we know that reading through thousands of words on an ICO whitepaper can be an odyssey. Like, we’re too busy crying at the value of Bitcoin right now. So, getting a blockchain explainer video could be a great addition to those looking to liven up their token sale, whilst supplying key ICO information, without boring potential investors to death.

Join the crypto community

A huge step of promoting your ICO is joining the crypto community. There are multiple ways you can worm your way into the crypto family, all playing a key part in marketing your ICO. 

Social Media Marketing

Social Media has grown significantly over the past few years, and has become a huge platform for ICO marketing. Whether its Twitter, Facebook, or your own Telegram channel. Engaging with your investors can be a great look for your ICO legitimacy.

Blockchain Summits

Attending blockchain events and cryptocurrency conferences will play a huge role in your ICO exposure. You’ll have the opportunity to chat with huge blockchain enthusiasts, investors, and competitors.

ICO ListingsAs earlier mentioned, listing your ICO is probably the best way to put your ICO on the map. Exposed to thousands of investors in the blockchain community is bound to do your ICO a few favours. The great thing about ICO listing calendars, is many of them offer advertisement packages. So, blog posts, press releases, and general advertisement is almost certain to be a great addition to the promotion of your initial coin offering.

It’s not impossible

As huge as the potential of cryptocurrency is – many ICOs find it difficult to flourish in such a competitive industry, due to something as ‘simple’ as marketing and promotion. Although growing your initial coin offering exposure can be extremely difficult – it’s not impossible.

So, there it is – a few of CoinGawk’s tips on how to promote your ICO. If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment below!

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