What You Need To Know About Social Trading Platforms

Written By CoinGawk

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Social Trading is a new and innovative trading strategy, taken on by a vast amount of both new – and experienced traders. 

What is a Social Trading Platform? 

A Social Trading Platform is essentially a P2P place, created for traders to develop effective strategies by mirroring other, more experienced traders, and utilizing useful knowledge, tips, and ideas from the top traders in the game. Social Trading Platforms have allowed traders to exchange practical schemes and plans to ensure they waste no time using unsuccessful tried-and-tested approaches that other traders and investors have already attempted.

What Social Trading Platforms are out There?

With the exposure of trading, comes huge growth of Social Trading Platform launches. Carboneum is a social trading and analytic platform for Cryptocurrency, and is referred to as ‘the best way to start your cryptocurrency investment journey’. With the release of CoinRadars – inexperienced traders are able to utilize a ‘watch and learn’ strategy, to ensure they receive the best advice from expert traders. Created by a team of professional, experienced, Blockchain enthusiasts – Carboneum ICO will be active on the 25th June 2018, and with only one week to go – it’s important to get to know the ins and outs of Social Trading before the C8 token sale goes live. 

Why use Social Trading Platforms?

Social trading platforms offer transparency, reliability, and diversity amongst traders. When it comes to taking advice on where to spend your money – traders need someone they can trust. STPs have made it easy for amateur traders to gain the best tips from expert traders, without the threat of taking on a bunch of bad advice from unskilled ‘traders’. So, we can’t help but answer this question by – why not use a social trading platform?

What is CoinGawk’s Take on Social Trading Platforms? 

If you didn’t already know – CoinGawk is made up of a team of dedicated Blockchain and Crypto enthusiasts. Being investors ourselves – we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to invest and trade, in the most effective way possible. We believe that Social Trading Platforms are the perfect way to share ideas between trusted traders, to greater your chances of successful trading. As you may know, P2P platforms are extremely popular, so having one developed just for traders is great for the blockchain and crypto community. 

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